My new business moved offices last month. And I was quite precise with where I asked the removal guys to leave everything.

I asked them to put all furniture and boxes outside the new office. Not inside.

Once they’d gone, I stood at a point where I could see all the gear to my right. And the empty room to my left.

I  was alone and had no distractions. I looked left. Then right. Over and over and over.

When I felt ready – I started building.


Before I make any big decision I try to make room. Room to pause. Room to see clearly. Room to understand all considerations. Room to anticipate how ‘this’ might affect ‘that’. Room so that when I get cracking I have the absolute best chance of success.

I can’t work out the best way to set a room up if I am sat on boxes, surrounded by other boxes, upturned tables and chairs. There’s no clarity. I don’t know where to start because I can’t clearly visualise where I am going.

Making Room

Right now in my new business there’s too much going on. Too much clutter. Too many distractions.

I can see where I want to go and every single time I focus on my goal there is adrenaline. I smile. Ideas explode. My heart beats faster. I feel slightly guilty because I am loving it. I am doing what I was born to do.

But then the distractions, all of my own making, tug at my sleeve and I swing 90 degrees to pay them attention. The smile goes. And the adrenaline. And – worst of all – the momentum.

There’s no room for all of this. Some things have to go.

Pleasure and Pain

Before you commit to a new chapter. You must commit to making room – first.

Two points.

  1. If  you feel you can’t make room to give your goal the best chance, you’re not ready. You have no choice. It is all or nothing.
  2. Making room does not have to take long. Attack the removal of distraction with the same energy as you will attack your new chapter. Move at lightening speed. Preparing properly means you can. The image on the left was our new office at midday on a Wednesday.
    The image on the right was taken at 10am the following day.

If what you want to do is important enough to you – you will make room.

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  1. Great advice. It’s important to ‘rid yourself’ of distractions both mentally and physically 🙂

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