I sent one of my clients a love letter this week.

Exploring the best things for them to do in 2020.

With regards to business and brand communication.

In the context of my role as a brand chap.

And a much-changed, virus-impacted world.


It’s not possible for me to suggest what everyone should do.

But it is possible to highlight trends and information that everyone should be cognisant of.

Here’s (some of) what I wrote:

…in the meantime, here are two things for you to ponder. On top of our impending chats about the Brand Framework and Adcepts etc.

Deep Recession, Brand and Business Communication.

Historically, when deep recessions and/or global crises happen, businesses of all kinds and sizes – pause.

It’s understandable. But historical data shows that, without exception, it is also exactly the wrong thing to do.

So, to my two points. And by the way this is not just my opinion and experience. If you were to read the narrative from infinitely more recognised and renowned voices than mine (Mark Ritson, Dave Trott et al), the message is the same.

1. To stop communicating altogether is a big mistake. The most powerful brands and brand owners in the word – P&G for example – actually increase or at the very least maintain energy and spend. Knowing that in the space created by the other choices in the market’s inactivity, they will achieve a far greater eSOV (Excess Share of Voice). The strategy should be slightly different, but not much. And certainly not like this tactical rubbish: https://www.50odd.co.uk/invisible/.

2. On the other side of this dark period, so (let’s say) 2022, the world will be largely the same as it was in 2019. This is something that data shows – without exception or outliers – after every global crisis. So those that think (wishfully) that the world will change dramatically in this way or that, are wrong. As is anyone that is asking how we all feel right now, and then developing any medium to long term brand strategy around the findings. In short, a strong brand’s brand strategy remains largely unchanged. Because good brands know that brand is playing the long game. Even through a pandemic. We can explore short term marketing campaigns of course. But they will be designed to end as we come through this unusual but temporary period. Because as the situation changes back, so too will the consumer…

My comments are just that.


But have a think.

Are these comments relevant to you, too?


The world has changed.

But this will pass.

And one thing I do know.

Is that it will be harder for you to switch back on from complete disconnection.

Than it will be to accelerate on from the place in the consumer’s mind that – right now – you worked hard to hold on to.

This will pass.

Be ready.

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