If you really do see yourself as unlovable.

And someone really sincere and brilliant comes (or has already come)  into your life and falls (or has already fallen) in love with you.

You may dismiss them as insincere and flawed.

Then treat them as such.

Because how on earth could someone sincere and brilliant fall in love with someone as unlovable as you?


This is how that saying, ‘you have to love yourself, first, before you can ever have a proper loving relationship’ – works.

I think I understand.

It’s certainly what I’ll tell my 7 year old daughter Izobel as she grows.

On the days she forgets she’s breathtaking.


Anyhow, you or someone you know might need reminding.

Not every day necessarily.

Just some days.

Maybe today.


(This is where, and how, I first learned this: https://www.50odd.co.uk/inferior/.

I just forget sometimes).

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