When you say want only you can say, in the way that only you can say it – you fly.

Most marketers spend most time trying to make their business LOOK good. Which is great. If they really know what they’re doing – the marketer will seek to optimise and balance both distinctiveness and differentiation in how you are presented.

Far fewer spend time making their business SOUND good, though. And that’s not right since targets are more easily influenced to change behaviour by the clarity and power of what you actually say, and how you actually say it, than anything else.

I have a client at the moment and they’re amazing! But I have to admit that I am not quite sure of their precise ‘language’. How they should speak. Their voice. I’m working on that.

Brand Position – Sorted.

Core Messages – Sorted(ish). I need to glue various campaigns together better.

Tone of Voice – Not Sorted.

It’s rare for any brand to get all three of these things right. But when you say want only you can say, in the way only you can say it – you fly.

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