When you are walking towards someone in the street.

Looking at them.

And that someone is walking towards you.

Looking at you.

And that someone is trying to work out whether you are going to side-step left or right.

And you are trying to work out if they are going to side-step right or left.

You are going to bump into each other.

Reacting verses Acting.

It’s because you are both reacting, not acting.

You are paying too much attention to what another person is doing or might do.

Instead of just putting your head down and getting on with where you are going.

And there is a life lesson in this.

The Test.

But before we come to that, try this test.

Next time you have a potential for this silly dance, just look down.

Concentrate determinedly on only where you are going.

Striding confidently.

Not looking where they’re looking.

And – honestly – they will get out of your way.

And they won’t mind a bit.

Because they have avoided the silly dance too.

They will smile and get on with their day.

They will forget you.

And the non-incident.

In seconds.

Because you will have encouraged them to just glance.



And not faff on and worry about what you’re going to do.


People like assertive people.

So try this.

It works.


And this applies to life also.

Not just walking down the street towards a stranger.

This advice helps you to also live a more productive, better, happier, carefree, pressure less, fun, more worry-free and uplifting life.

For ever.

For good.


It is because if you live your life not looking at what other people are doing.

Not wondering what they might be thinking about you.

Not wondering about what they are saying about you or how they might react to something you might say or do.

Life is better.


So just concentrate on where you are going.

Don’t be being drawn in to distraction.

Don’t compare.

Don’t worry about how people might react to you and your dreams.

Just get on with it.

And believe me.

They will get out of your way.

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  1. Love the message of this but I still like doing the silly dance with some people. You connect for a few seconds, not with everyone, but some….who I think quite enjoy the silly dance too. Love your blog.

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