I’d encourage you to be accepting of and comfortable with how little you know. 

If you think back to a year ago from now, and think about what you have learned between then and now, I really hope it’s a lot.

It is for me.

And if it is a lot for you too, I bet there is also another truth about the last year.

It is – that you had time to learn even more than you actually did.

If you really wanted to.

Our capacity for learning is amazing!


The sad truth is that we’re not here for long. I don’t worry about not having learned and done all I want to by the time I am going to die. It’s impossible.

But I do worry about cruising along being ‘OK’.



I want to become extraordinary.

Superb at something.


And I think that the first principle towards achieving this is to be accepting of and comfortable with how little I know.

That way, just as regularly as I hunger for breakfast, dinner and tea (yes, that’s what we call them where I come from) – I will hunger for learning.

I will hunger for learning with the same drive and regularity as eating. Many times a day.

It will become a habit.

Now… what will I learn today?

(And tomorrow. And the day after that).

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