You’ve heard these before. They’re easy to understand and (quite) easy to address. Little mind shifts.

Business that do them well are more noticed, understood, remembered and – ultimately – chosen.

  1. Be emotional not functional. Don’t (just) tell us what it is and does. Don’t fight the battle of better. That’s boring. Instead, tell us why you’re compelled to make your valued change.
  2. Think big not small. Tell us how you’ll change your world. Or the world. Ideally, both.
  3. Be unique not cloned. Stop saying the same as them. In a way that sounds the same as them.
  4. Stop being an ‘a’. Be a ‘the’. Do what only you can do. (And watch the competition fade).
  5. Be a publisher not a marketer. Write things that build a readership first. Then customers.
  6. Tell me what you think, not what you know. Stop firing facts at me. Fact off! Trigger good conversation instead.

Little mind shifts make a big difference.

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