Very often.

When I am working as a Brand Consultant.

I spend time trying to find the very worst thing or things about you, the client.

This is because – unfortunately – the least good thing about you is the most likely thing that your customers will remember.


You’ll be judged by your weakest link.

So if I find your weakest link.

And we remove it.

You’ll be better.

And you’ll do better.


Sometimes, to be judged by what you do worst.

When you are trying to do great in business.

Feels unfair.

But how it feels is completely irrelevant.

Because the fact that you will be judged by your weakest link is a truth you already know.

Because you do it too.


So if you are trying really, really hard.

And you’re still not good enough.

Try harder.

Because if you are not prepared to try your absolute best.

And to continually upgrade what ‘your absolute best’ actually means.

In a quest to become absolutely world class.

Then when your customer falls out of love with you.

For something you really should have cared more about.

It’s absolutely your fault.


  1. I like this, thanks Michael, as always. I’ve also learned that ‘less is more’. People often over complicate ‘things’ so in putting more effort in, they can make the situation worse. Customers like simplicity and I often advise my team to look at a problem ‘through the eyes of a child’. It’s amazing how nice and effective things can become 🙂

  2. You are bang on the money as usual. Usually looking to eliminate the worst is just as effective as amplifying the best. If you can do both you are moving in a good direction. But one must be willing to gaze at a brand’s dark underbelly to discover where its bright and shiny promises are not being kept. That takes courage.

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