Google is great. 

It told me where David Bradley was. And how to contact him.

When we first chatted, David became super-protective about Kes. And about me, a clothing brand fiddling with any of Ken Loach’s iconic imagery.

Kes is considered to be one of the top 10 British films ever made. Take a look where Time Out position it:

David imagined that I wanted images from the films on tee-shirts. Tea towels. Mugs.

I explained that this was the last thing on my mind!

Not Knowing When To Stop.

Sometimes, I dont know when to stop.

I like that about me.

So David asked me what I did actually want.

And I wasn’t sure.

So I blurted out that I wanted to put on an event in Newcastle.

And that 100 people would come.

To hear us talk about the film.

David had a think. And said yes.

All I had to do now was explore the creation of the event. The idea had only come to me in that conversation.

A Month Later.

One month later I was sat in a pub with David.

He’s brilliant.

He told me something that I am going to share with you now.

The Missing Scene.

He told me that Ken Loach’s favourite scene in the whole film didn’t make the final cut.

Here’s David describing the scene to me.

David also explains why the scene never made it to the final version of Kes.

More tomorrow.

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