So yesterday we saw Brian Glover as our PE teacher. 

He then went on to play a great football match with the kids in the film Kes. It’s a rather more indulgent clip as it’s longer.

But it is definitely worth 4 minutes and 26 seconds of my day. And I hope yours too.

The Goalposts

It’s amazing how creativity can make inanimate objects famous.

Goalposts were never so iconic.

And I also remember the genuinely stomach-turning feeling of standing in a field.



Wondering about my own popularity and favour as the bigger boys chose their football team from a lineup that I was a part of.

I was never chosen first.


I was lucky enough to chat to David Bradley (Billy Casper) last year. And he said that what happened at 2:50 “Bloody hurt”.

I imagine it did.


There are two lessons for me here actually. About my business life.

  1. If I play against people (brands) that I can beat easily, it’s no victory really. So I aim high.
  2. And secondly, if I am the referee of my own game then of course I will win. Ultimately, the market will decide if Always Wear Red wins as the game plays out. Not me. And I need a good team around me to help. 

I’m working on that.


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