‘Know what the best way to get people to buy is? Sometimes. For some businesses. Maybe yours. It’s to just go and get them.

Businesses ponder Marketing Tactics. Adverts. Video. Social. SEO. Direct Mail…  And they think about Marketing Strategy too. What are the best things to say? How should we say it? So we sell more. And then there’s Brand. Your permanent, heartfelt essence. The thing they can get behind. So you and your audience are bonded in the change you both want to make.

But I still think that, sometimes, the first thought to have, and the best thing to do, is to just go and get them.

You’re a £2m turnover business that wants to grow 25% each year. Your average transaction value is £100k. So you want 5(ish) new or grown customers annually. A good business of this profile will already know target customers by name. And if your ‘yes’ rate is (say) 1 in 3, you need a hit-list of 15.

So, just go and get them. With a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bespoke approach. Knock on their door. Present the thing that should, I think, have cost you £500.  Each. £500 for one direct approach!? For £100k of business, plus repeat, of course. No problem.

This is not the whole story of course. But it makes sense to me. That if your business is anything like the profile I describe here, and you want new customers, your first thought should be to just go and get them.

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