What a great word ‘giddy’ is.

It’s a great feeling too.

Maybe the best feeling.


Today, I mention ‘giddy’ in the context of me advising business leaders about business and brand.

‘Quite a serious job.

Considering the impact associated with doing it well or badly.

So when I was asked how I want my work to make business leaders feel.

I surprised myself when the first word that came to mind was… giddy.


You see, I think most marketing is boring.

And that most marketers are boring.

I think that (just) tracking activity is boring.

I think that (just) tracking engagement is boring.

I think that (just) researching, analysing and writing plans is boring.

I think that almost all websites, brochures and social media stuff is boring.

Because I think that the very best business communications comes from things that people like me don’t do very much of.



Being silly.

Being funny.

Being really (really) different and daring.

Breaking the rules.

Going with your gut.

And remembering that if you’re not getting people’s attention.

It doesn’t matter what you say anyway.

Because no one’s reading.

It’s a feeling.

So anyway.

Instead of aiming to keep your client ‘happy’.

Or ‘satisfied’.

Aim for giddy.

Even the part of the definition that says ‘out of control and anxious’.

That too.

And if you can’t recall what ‘giddy’ actually feels like yourself.

If it all makes you feel rather nostalgic.

Then there’s a life lesson in there too.

You ‘Get Giddy’ first.

Then once you remember how bloody great it feels.

Gift that feeling to them as well.


It’s the future.

(If you want).

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