I chatted to this business owner last week. They said,

“You know what, when I twat my hand with this big hammer, it hurts. Who’d have thought that would happen?”

OK, they didn’t say that. They said this. Which is the same thing:

“You know what, no matter how often and how noisily I talk about my business -in the same way as, and just as often and noisily as they talk about their business – I don’t get noticed. Who’d have thought that would happen?”

This is why most marketers, and most marketing, are rubbish.

If all YOU do and say, is what THEY do and say, of course you’re not going to get noticed. It feels like you’re marketing. But you’re not.

So in the same way that you shouldn’t be surprised when twatting your hand with a hammer hurts. Also don’t be surprised when saying the same as every bugger else doesn’t get you noticed. No matter how much time and money you spend.

Merry Christmas.

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