There’s a good man called Bryan that reads 50odd.

Bryan comments from time to time.

And I like that.

Because I am very often interested to hear how my words impact.


Anyhow, Bryan runs a Buckingham based Brand Consultancy.

And just this week.

Because I was chatting about brands and irresistibility in this post.

Bryan sent me some information on how his agency, Yellow Yoyo, create irresistible brands.

Here’s what Bryan said:

Become Irresistible is our mantra too so you made me smile (again!) this morning.

We have a scale we use to define brand status shown below.

Start-ups always begin at invisible and, depending on growing brand strength and perception, you should aim to increase your status.

I think in 40 years I’ve only come across a handful of brands who have achieved Indispensable.

Irresistible is the least you should aim for.


Have a great week.


Thank you.

So there you go.

Thank you Bryan.

I like that.

I think that any business owner.

(If they use this ladder of words as objectively as they can).

Will gain useful insight.

(And of course.

If you don’t like the ladder rung you’re on. 

See Bryan).

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