If you like George, please go here: https://www.50odd.co.uk/intimate/.

Please watch this full screen.

With the sound up high.

When you have 4 uninterrupted minutes.


This is an intimate, wobbly, amateur IPhone recording of George Michael on the 17th of September 2012.

Singing live in Birmingham.

It is one single shot.

With no snazzy visual or audio post production.

And I love how you see George telling one of the stories he wrote so beautifully.

So sincerely.

And so well.

With the conductor’s hand at George’s side.


I think that the intimacy comes from being raw, vulnerable and true.

Something that I will strive to achieve when I restart my Always Wear Red storytelling in September.

I prefer real.

And so do consumers.

And that’s why I prefer this George Michael film to the rather more polished and better edited official SYMPHONICA version.

I love how we see George here.


George Michael.

To me, a genius.


Died alone.

In 2016.

On Christmas Day.


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