I need to choose whether I am actually ‘in’ work or ‘out’.

If I do what I did yesterday, which is to be ‘out’ but just pop ‘in’ to the AWR Studio to see if everything’s OK and look at emails – that’s not out.

And if I go ‘in’ and then do a bit of Christmas shopping and move things around of a shelf, that’s not really ‘in’.

Both are ‘INT’.


INT is is what people do when they are being stupid.

Because I’m either ‘in’ work and not doing great work because I am thinking about Christmas and the family.

Or I am ‘out’ and not relaxing over Christmas and with the family because I am worrying and wondering about work.

So no more ‘INT’ for me.

Because it’s stupid.


I’m off to catch the news.

Which is talking about politicians again.

Those highly paid people that we all rely on to build our futures and run the country for us and our children.

They are looking after Brexit for us.

Which is that thing about being ‘out’ of Europe.

Whilst still being ‘in’.

(INT is what people do when they are being stupid).

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Ahhh dear Michael. Im so glad that i read this… I really needed to hear this and then decide not to INT and instead jump into my own Christmas adventure. Have a wonderful time being happy with your girls. Love polly

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