I wanted to mention something that I am pretty sure you’ll do today.

And if you don’t do it today, you will definitely do it in the next few days.

You will inspire someone.

Be Inspired. 

I get inspired by all sorts of people, all the time.

Every other day or so I meet people young and old that give me a metaphorical kick up the arse because they do something ranging from commendable to amazing.

This spurs me on to try to be better tomorrow than I am today.

I am on the lookout for such things I think. Which I am sure helps.

Be Inspiring.

But as I mention in the first part of this little read, you are inspiring people too.

I hope that makes you feel great. Because you are doing it, all the time. Especially when you’re being your best self.

So, if you don’t mind, have a wee think about this from time to time. It’ll make you feel warm inside; the fact that you’ve improved someone’s life.

These ‘little inspirations’ can be quite something. Especially when, as happens to us all, you may be able to inspire someone that’s in a temporary lull.

You can make their day.

Big Inspirations.

I’ll leave you with a reference to my friend Suzanne. Her father is pictured at the top of this story at the 50odd website.

Whilst ‘little inspirations’ are commonplace and you can make them happen regularly – big inspirations are out there too. Some grow throughout lifetimes.

Here is how Suzanne’s father inspired her:

…I thought I would share a photo of my inspiration for my grilled cheese restaurant idea along with the glass of wine I had tonight…

This is a photo from 1969 of my Dad at work – he and his brother-in-law ran a really high end restaurant in Cleveland Ohio and the newspaper came to do a photo shoot.

I was the only kid in school that had a Dad that wore a tuxedo to work every day which was kind of cool – he was 43 when I was born which back then was a really huge deal…

He died at the age of 86 and he had a great life…he never got to pursue his dream of going to college and becoming a doctor but he never acted as if he wanted to do anything else than what he did with food and wine and he was amazing at it – I miss him everyday.

Thanks for the story Suzanne. And the photograph.

Thanks to your dad for inspiring you, and to you for inspiring us xxx


  1. Tina Schneider Reply

    My father and my sister Suzanne are fabulous inspirations for me, I am so proud and fortunate to have and have had them in my life ! A great reflection, follow your passions, you never know what you might find.

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