When you’re scrolling past today’s LinkedIn wallpaper. Past the, ‘Our client is delighted…’ Past the, ‘We’re innovative, we are…’ Past the, ‘We focus on solutions, we do…’ Past the, ‘This thing what we did is cutting edge…’

See if you can find someone. Anyone. Saying the following rarity. In a compelling and owned way.

“This is why is our work is important.”

Then, have a think about how well you answer that question. I’m suggesting you do this because the importance of your work may very well be getting lost. Most people I work with as Brand and Marketing Director have an internal dialogue that – once I unearth it – fizzes with the magic of what is important to them. But the way it comes out of their mouths and into their business communications is utterly soulless. Dull. Obvious. It’s more wallpaper.

And this causes frustration for them and maybe you too because the audience doesn’t see what you see. The audience doesn’t feel what you feel. The audience don’t get the same sense of importance in your work as you do.

The answer? Pause. Think. Change your narrative.

Tell us why what you’re doing is important. To you. Then, if what’s important to you is important me too, you might just win yourself a customer.

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