Ignorance is seen as a negative thing isn’t it? 

And knowledge, a positive thing.

More than that in fact…

‘Knowledge is power’ we are told.


When you and I were children we were ignorant of so many things.

We just didn’t know we were. Ignorance was, at least in part, the thing that turned us into little whirligigs.

Spinning tops.

Crazed, hungry creatures wanting to learn.

Asking why, why, why.

Until unkind people suggested to us that ignorance was something to be embarrassed about.

It was about then, from memory, that I started to see ignorance as a weakness.

And I asked less questions.

Ignorance is fuel.

But I was thinking just this week, because so much that I am doing is new, and because I care less and less what people think about me and what I am up to… ignorance is fuel.

I want to learn lots.

I am already quite good at some things.

But I want to be good at more.

And my ignorance is the fuel that pushes me on.

“I don’t know”

I love saying that I don’t know something these days.

I was bullied by my stepfather for years for not knowing things. But as he is no longer around I am free from that.

I welcome ignorance.

After all, I can’t learn things that I already know.


So, going forward, I pledge to become even more excited by ignorance and finding out new things.

Just as I was when I was a very young child.

There’s so much to learn!

Ignorance is not a bad thing.

But thinking or teaching people that ignorance is a bad thing – is.

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