If your email newsletter isn’t interesting. And few people are interested in reading it (an obvious consequence). It’s because you’re sat in the wrong chair.

You’re sitting in the ‘Marketer’ chair. When you should be sitting in the ‘Publisher’ chair.

Marketing is fundamentally about attracting and persuading prospects to buy things. Publishing is about building and holding the ongoing attention of a grateful, interested ready-to-refer readership.

Sit in the publisher chair. Be generous. Give 10x more than you ask for. Teach them something. Gift them something. Inspire them. Make them laugh. Be patient. All you’re really trying to do is stay front-of-mind and tip-of-tongue until they’re ready to buy. 99.9% of readers are ‘not yets’. So lean back. Stop selling. And for goodness sake stop waffling on all about yourself. It’s boring.

Shift chairs. Don’t sit in the ‘Marketer’ chair. Sit in the ‘Publisher’ chair instead.

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