Have you heard of Mr. Bingo?

At the end of this post at www.50odd.co.uk there’s a 27 minute video of him.

I am writing about him at this precise moment in time because of the illustration that appears alongside this story.

It’s what Mr. Bingo did for Black Friday.

By the way, he’s called Mr. Bingo because he won a bit of money at bingo when he was younger.


Mr. Bingo, or whatever he is called, is one of the most creative people I have ever seen.

Because he doesn’t care what people think about (almost all of) what he does.

I think I am creative.

And others think I am creative too, I think.

But I am nowhere near as creative as I could be.

Because I worry and wonder what people think about what I do. Not all the time. But some of the time.


I am at my most free and my most creative when, just like Mr. Bingo, I really don’t care about the judging.

I can sum up what I am trying to say with this:

Creativity is the opposite of fear.

This is true.

Once we let go of fear.

Fear of what people think.

Or failure.

Or being found out (we’re all afraid of being found out).

Only then can we start to be our most creative.

Try to keep this in mind.

I am.

And in the meantime watch Mr. Bingo…


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