I wonder…

With which are you happiest?

  1. The list of great ideas you’ve had and great things you’ve done so far in life.
  2. The list of great ideas you’ve had for your future… things you still want to do.

My ‘list 1’ makes me grateful. I forget to be as grateful as I should sometimes. Life’s good.

My ‘list 2’ makes me feel hopeful. Excited, positive and ambitious about the future.

My Lists

I am happy with my list 1. I wouldn’t change anything. (Good job really since it’s too late anyway).

I am not happy with my list 2 though.

I think I need to have more ideas; to set more goals for more experiences. Ideas that I can see and imagine quite clearly. And I may even think about when I’d like to do them or achieve them. Deadlines.

The Right Way Round

And I am glad that I am happier with my ‘list 1.’ than I am with my ‘list 2.’

If I was unhappy with what I’d achieved in the past, and had no appetite for developing new ideas for the future – that’d be rubbish.

So this is, I think, is the right way around.

I hope you’re happy with your ‘list 1’ too.

And if you feel like grabbing a few extra sides of A4 for new ideas for your ‘list 2.’ – go for it. It’s never too late.

Good luck.

Image: Pete Zulu’s ideas book.

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