I mentioned that when I closed my agencies and flipped my life around, I felt lost. And that I stumbled across a 4-stage way back:

  1. Generosity. I took on 2 or 3 Non Exec roles. To (re)check my value.
  2. Value. I was valuable. I felt better about myself.
  3. Confidence. I became more precise in my thinking and recommendations.
  4. Preeminence. I performed at a really high level. In a, ‘Blimey, I’m actually very good at this’ way.

There are more ingredients though. Ingredients that, these days, make me feel I ‘just know’ what clients must do. (And I really do ‘just know’ what clients must do).

The next level, and it is where I am now, is Instinct and Intuition. These two ‘I-words’ are so valuable to me.

I thought I’d lost them. But I hadn’t. I just stopped believing in them. Because I stopped believing in me.

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