Keep this quiet, OK?

I’ve invented something.

And if you want to get in on the ground floor.

Drop me, say, ten thousand pounds and you’re ‘in’.

DM me for bank details.


I’m going to get bubblewrap filled with helium.

Or hydrogen.

So it’s really light.

And call it ‘Hubblewrap’.

So when you take a parcel to the post office and it starts floating around the sorting office.

You can charge them to post it for you.

Instead of them charging you.

Because it’ll weigh less than nothing.


Told you it was good.


If you want to get in on the ground floor.

Drop me ten thousand pounds and you’re ‘in’ OK?

I’ll look out for your message.



  1. Sandy Gunn Reply

    Of course filling bubbles with helium would be more expensive than the stamps… and posting hydrogen is potentially dangerous due to its high flammability.
    That aside keeping these very small molecules trapped in the polymer needs a special set of barrier properties, our organisation makes 80nm thick glass which produces an excellent barrier – but unlikely to survive the rigours of flexible wrapping on such a thin substrate.

    Good luck, but I’m out!

    • Yea I knew all that of course.

      And I’ve found a way around it all.

      THAT’S the big magic secret.

      Thank you.


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