Here’s a present for your kids. If they are something-teen years old or a little bit older, and want to work in the Creative Industries.

So how do young creatives stand out when job hunting? Well, here’s what I know from interviewing hundreds of creative people over 20 years.

In short, you are what you do.

Not what you say.

I ran my own design and marketing agencies for 20 years. I interviewed hundreds of designers. Designers that said they ADORED design. Designers that tried to convince me they were BORN to design. DRIVEN to design. OBSESSED with design. They LOVED design. They had ENDLESS OPINIONS on design. Or marketing and advertising, of course.

So I’d ask when their most current in-portfolio work was actually done.

“Oh. When I graduated.” They’d say. “Last year.”

“And these endless opinions you have.”

I’d mention.

“Where do you house them? Where’s your daily blog?”

I’d ask.

“My what?”

They’d say.

“Next.” Said I.

OK so not all of that was said out loud.

But honestly, this is a true account of what happened – almost always.

Passion is passion.

Compulsion is compulsion.

Obsession is obsession.

Action is action.

The good news about this is that if you really are super serious about working in the Creative Industries, you can start today.

And before you know it – and this is a shame for the industry but brilliant for you – you’ll be way, way ahead of the rest.

In job search, as in life, you are what you do. Not what you say.

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