This will help if you want to create a slogan. Or it may pee-you-off if you think you have a slogan. Because most slogans, aren’t slogans.

Two things.

  1. A slogan is memorable, clear, re-communicable shorthand for your unique, owned brand position. So if you aren’t a brand, you can’t have an optimised slogan. It’s impossible.
  2. Slogan creation follows one of just four rules. This is what makes a slogan memorable. The rules are:

a) Double Entendre. ‘Diamonds are Forever’ (De Beers).

b) Reversal. ‘Feel Up When Your Getting Down’ (Can’t actually remember the brand – but I remember the slogan! That’s a nod to including the brand name in the slogan if possible).

c) Rhyme or Alliteration. ‘You Can Do It When You B&Q It’ (B&Q).

d) Repetition. ‘When it Absolutely Positively Has To Be There Overnight’ (FedEx).

And that’s it.

Like any ‘recipe’ though; skill, experience, creativity and instinct play a big part. If Gordon Ramsay told me how to make a Shepherds Pie it still might taste rubbish. Or at least, not as good as a Shepards Pie that Gordon himself made. So go careful.

Happy 2024.

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