People interview me from time to time.

Podcast people.

Radio stations.

Things like that.

And they reference my ‘successes’.


First, they reference the Creative Agency agency I founded.

Having never run a Creative Agency before.

That won 70 awards with around the world.

Second, they reference the Brand Consultancy I founded.

Having never run a Brand Consultancy before.

That attracted senior Saatchi and Nike seniors to work alongside me.

Third, they reference the Clothing Brand, Always Wear Red I founded.

Having never run a Clothing Brand before.

That is relaunching in September 2020 and creates the best hand knits in the world.

And fourth, they reference the online blog I write, 50odd.

Having never written a daily blog before.

That between 5000 an 10000 people a day read.

And it always feels strange to me when interviewers label these things as successes.

Because I don’t see them like that at all.

How To Become Really Good At Almost Anything.

The way to become really good at almost anything.

Is to pick something you want to do.

Almost anything.


Decide to become really good at it.

Beyond that.

You already know what to do.

Read about it.

Develop good habits around it.


Fucking hard.

Get rid of distraction.

Learn who is leading the way at doing what you want to do.

Then learn from them.

Then stick at it.

Through thick.

And through thin.

And that’s just about it.

If anyone ever asks me how I became ‘successful’ at things.

This is all I ever say, really.

Just decide to become really good at it.

Because beyond that.


You already know what to do.

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