Back in January 2023, I drove from my Northern Ireland hotel at sunrise, took my ‘Brand and Marketing Director’ seat at the client’s board table, got coffee (strong, white, one) – and observed.

The Sales Team were in full flow. Anecdotes ricocheted. Client relationships. Competitor moves. Figures and percentages discussed, challenged and justified. Eventually, I interrupted.

‘Hang on.” I said. “All I’m hearing is ‘Product versus Product.'”

“Yes.” They chorused, “‘Course. It’s what we sell. And what they sell. Product!” The Sales Team said this with the collective ‘of course’ facial expressions that I myself use too, when at my absolute passive aggressive best.

“Then it’s the wrong fight.” I said. “Fight ‘Brand versus Brand.’ That way, we’ll win more. Loads more.”

And the reason I know I’m right isn’t just because I’m a pretty decent Brand and Marketing Director. It’s because I’d watched two Beatles documentaries, at my hotel, the night before.

How The Beatles Cracked America.

The Beatles cracked America for three reasons:

  1. The music.
  2. America had never seen anything like them before. They looked completely different.
  3. They had personality. They challenged authority. They had opinions. They were cheeky.

The Beatles fought on three fronts. And my client was fighting on just the first one. Wondering why close rates were low, and the price battle was real.

If you’re going to fight in business – fight the smart battle. Not the dumb one.

And if Yesterday, today and tomorrow, it is Product versus Product that you’re fighting, don’t just Let it Be. Come Together and at the end of the Long And Winding Road called ‘brand building’, you’ll all be saying in unison – Here Comes The Sun.

Heh! See what I did there with The Beatles songs. The song titles. Good wasn’t it?

It was wasn’t it?

Song titles.







Anybody there?


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