The Hot Seat isn’t even hot.


Not for everyone, it isn’t.

It was certainly never was for me.

Hot Seat.

I am defining ‘Hot Seat’ as the seat where the ultimate decision maker sits.

The leader’s chair.

The chair that houses the arse of the one they all turn to.

The one they all ask.

The one they all expect to have all the answers.

(Even though you know that’s not your role really.

You have to know where to find the answers.

Not have them).


I suppose.

Is the most common definition of Hot Seat.

And the reason I’m writing about it right now.

Is because I have come to realise that the Hot Seat is the only seat in which I feel really comfortable.

And that will never change for me.

I like it here.

But as I say.

It’s not hot, to me.

It gets warm here from time to time.

That’s for sure.

But never hot.

In fact.

Being in the Hot Seat.

I’d say.

Is pretty cool.


  1. Sue Robinson Reply

    Interesting . I always think the hot seat is the one where you are expected to perform or deliver – not always the seat for the leader, often for the team. Like me, sat in my chair on a Friday afternoon, searching out talent for my clients. The seat is hot because if I don’t deliver, there are 10 competitors behind me in the doorway who will seek to replace me- without a second thought. But i nearly always succeed. Maybe I like the hot seat and pressure. Who knows?

    Happy Friday Michael . Love your work

    • Thank you Sue!

      Do you find your seat to be comfortable, though?

      I sense that, mostly, you do.

      So all credit to you.

      And happy Friday.


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