We’ve just had a family weekend break. 

£400 for two nights at a local posh ‘Hall’.

You know the score… Old building with big curtains, great gardens, they call you ‘sir’ and ‘madam’ and charge you £13 for a burger.

Without fries.

Long Days.

We’ve just got back home and we need advice on how to do a holiday.

Because something went wrong with this one…

Lisa and I work quite a lot.

15 hour days each in the week and maybe 10 hours over the weekend.

This is not to complain or show off at how hard working/badly organised/whatever we are.

It’s just stating a fact.


We arrived at about 3pm on Friday.

Got to our room.

Excitedly ran around for a bit with a 2 year old Izobel.


Ate two burgers.


Lay down for a rest at about 7.45pm.

Woke up at 7am on Saturday.


Breakfast at 8am (see photo).

Buzzed to Corbridge.


Drank (1 pint).

Back to the hotel at about 6pm.

Ate in the room.

Lay down for a snooze at about 7.30pm.

Woke up at 7am on Sunday.

Had breakfast.

Went home.


We were rubbish.

We should have done a pre-holiday.

We could have been anywhere really because all we needed was sleep.

At home we get to bed (or fall asleep at various points around the house) at 11pm and get up at (anything from) 5am and this had clearly caught up with us.

Our Next Holiday. 

Our next holiday (although I haven’t told Lisa yet) is packing the car, driving around the block, parking back in the drive at home, going back into the house, having a bit of lager and falling asleep at 7pm.

For three days.

I’ve budgeted £30.


  1. Michael my friend and his family have frequent ‘staycations’ and they are often described by him and his girls as their favouritist ( is that actually a word?) holidays of all. They pack a bag full of puzzles and fun things to do, jump in the car, drive round out of their drive and then back in… and then have days of time together, beach trips, days out, lazy days in watching old movies. It’s just about pressing reset, downing tools and being together.
    Sounds like the recipe for a happy family weekend break to me! Polly

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