I wonder if I am hiding?

I am certainly hiding some parts of me.


I am rather creative.

But to be as creative as I could be in this lifetime, I’d have to be braver.


To simplify, it’s like a see-saw.

At one end I have ‘Fear’.

And at the other, ‘Creativity’.

When fear is higher… creativity is lower.

When fear is lower, so creativity rises.

I will benefit from remembering this.

How about you?

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  1. Dear Michael, I love this one. This reminds me of one of my favourite books – Big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She writes a lovely letter to her fears inviting them on the journey but making it absolutely clear that it will not be, at any time in the driving seat.
    I love your See – Saw analogy. The scales tip and one way & another and then balance all the time and for me, it’s about recognising fear and knowing what part it can play in helping you to hide or to shine bright … about shaking hands with your fears and jumping in anyway. With clients I use ‘safety net’ coaching … we imagine the worst thing that could happen, weigh up the likelihood of its fruition, create a contingency plan and decide how to to go forward fearlessly or to stay hidden till readiness is optimum & timing is right.
    Keep writing and encouraging us all to reflect, gain insights & stop waiting!

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