Change is disconcerting.

Because it’s scary leaving familiar.

To set sail for unfamiliar.

Another reason.

But there’s another reason that change is scary, too.

And if you acknowledge this reason.

Change itself becomes a whole lot more palatable.


When you think about change.

And moving from ‘here’ to there’.

You demonise ‘here’.

And you romanticise ‘there’.

Because that kind of thinking gives you the impetus to make the first move.

It’s an understandable tactic.

But it can also have an unfortunate side effect.

It can take the focus away completely from the space in between ‘here’ and ‘there’.

And you can end up feeling completely lost.

Here and There.

The space between ‘here’ and ‘there’ is valuable.

It’s where you learn.

So by definition it’s where imperfection lives.

And mistakes.

And disappointment.

And demotivation.

And worse!

And it is important to acknowledge and expect these things.

Because you have to go through bad to get to good.

Then through good to get to great.


If you start to feel insecure as you travel between the ‘here’ and ‘there’.

It’s because you’re meant to feel insecure as you travel between the ‘here’ and ‘there’.

You are literally ‘without security’.

So enjoy the journey.

Because if you are ambitious by nature.

And restless by nature.

(And if you have read this far you probably are).

You’ll set sail again.

Because you’ll very soon be seduced.

By another, different ‘there’.

As it once again dawns on you.

That last year’s ‘there’

Just became this year’s ‘here’.

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  1. Richard Marsden Reply

    The same can be said of businesses Michael.

    Some adapt quite organically and move through the change fluidly, whilst others resist the change and have to resuscitated to bring them back to life.

    This is where expertise and knowledge of implementing change is so valuable for organisations, as without it they will simply fail.


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