When I ask a potential ANGELFYSH Brand Communication client this question

I invariably get a funny look.

Which I always find odd.

Because I ask almost every potential ANGELFYSH client the same thing. 


If a client comes to ANGELFYSH with a whole load of questions.

And they, of course, normally do.

I normally ask this:


These exact questions you are asking me today.

Have you asked your current teams the same questions?

Before coming to me.

A person outside your business.

I mean – have you actually asked the people inside?


Funny Looks.

Now, the reason I get funny looks.

Is because I am basically telling a prospect to go away.

To explore the challenge.

Even just for a little bit.

Without appointing me or paying me anything.

Better Beginnings.

This ‘Hello/Goodbye’ thing makes for better beginnings.

Because  90% of the time. 

If a potential client explores their issues with their teams before I get involved. 

They have a greater understanding of what’s really going on.

Which creates a better initial brief.

And saves the client paying me to ask what they could be asking themselves.


So please don’t take it personally.

But before you say hello to ANGELFYSH.

Dig a little.

I can help you with how to do this if you like.

Free of charge (michael@angelfysh.com).


When you’re ready.

And you have explored the issue a little better with your people.

We’re here.

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  1. I like that a lot, makes perfect sense and yet I think very few agency’s would actually dare to do, for fear of people not coming back…although I personally would be guaranteed to.

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