With any agency.

Be it a Creative agency.

Or an Advertising agency.

Or a Marketing agency.

Or a Brand Communication Collective like my ANGELFYSH business.

It’s important for you to know something.

It’s this.

How different are the people that sold me the work.

From the people that will be delivering the work?


It is not uncommon.

Particularly in bigger agencies.

That responsibility for the successful delivery of what you buy is passed down from (for example) Creative Director Level.

Through Senior Designer level.

Through Designer level.

Through Junior Designer level.

To Design Intern level.


In of itself, this is not always a bad thing, actually.

But only if there is an end-to-end and top-to-bottom commitment to quality.

And a commitment to great recruitment.

And a commitment to great training.

And, if appropriate, a commitment to great shadowing or buddying.

And a genuine commitment to the fact that no client is a guinea pig.


So if you are wondering about how this subject is handled in any agency.

Either your current one.

Or a new one.

Just ask the person that’s trying to sell you something to tell you about, and ideally to introduce you to, the delivery team.

If the response is immediate, crystal clear and transparent.

You’re fine.

But if you get mumbles.

Or they introduce you to 12 years olds that get paid in Jelly Babies.

You’re probably not.

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