I was invited to 10 Downing Street a year or so ago.

A PR type thing by government really. To show that they interact with fledgling businesses from around the UK.

Nevertheless, it was nice to be asked.


Ralf Little came with me. Ralf and I own Always Wear Red together. He’s the chap that was in The Royle Family (Antony) and is becoming an increasingly great actor and writer as his career develops. He is good to have around.

Ralf is super-bright. A former Junior Doctor. Ralf regulary sparred with Jeremy Hunt in front of his 190,000 twitter followers. And commentates on a broad range of issues online to this day.

He’s funny.

The NHS.

Anyhow, on the way to Downing Street, we stopped to chat to some brilliant campaigners for the NHS. We gave them a few pounds and got some stickers. The stickers said (something like) “Jeremy Hunt’s a Bastard”.

The stickers didn’t say that. But I wish they did. The sentiment was similar.

Grow up.

As we left Number 10, people took the opportunity to take photos. Most were proud British citizens, puffing chests out to create images they could show their grandchildren.

So how come a couple of guests thought it’d be funny to take a picture on the doorstep of Number 10 with a sticker saying (something like) “Jeremy’s a Wanker” stuck to their tie?

The stickers didn’t say that. But I wish they did. The sentiment was similar.

Do some people never grow up?

Apparently not.

Double Maths. 

Getting told off at school was a bit embarrassing. Just for a moment though.

Then comes that deep guffawing laugh as you run across the playground with your friends, back to reality.

In case you were wondering, it’s a similar feeling aged 48 when you post a photo like this to 190,000 Twitter followers, a few hundred people comment and laugh after about 5 seconds, and Downing Street’s PR catch up with you after about 10 seconds to ask you to take the picture down.

There was no playground to run across, guffawing.

So we ran across London instead, swinging our satchels and bunking off double maths.

That’s what it felt like to me, anyway.

Don’t grow up. It’s overrated. 

IMAGE: Ralf wearing AWR Red Camo Tie


  1. Brilliant. Childish excitement, mischief and shenanigans are the way forward. And also there is that rule that if you get to 40 … and you haven’t grown up yet, you don’t need to… its just the way of it. So let’s promise to not grow up & instead keep mischief, humour and notice the things that have you laughing from the pit of your belly!

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