Being in a groove sounds great!

It sounds relaxing.

It sounds like I’d be walking like I’m dancing and clicking my fingers.

Or if I was in my car, I’d have one hand on the steering wheel, an elbow out of the open window and I’d be waving.

Being in a groove sounds like a good place to be.


If you do get into the groove in business or life though, I think you need additional antenna.

So that you stay aware of what’s going on around you.

There are, for example, lots of businesses that batten down the hatches in a recession.

They stay in the groove they’re in and wait for the storm to pass.

However recessions, in recent history, never pass.

They create new norms.

And those that stayed in the groove they were in – die.


Roy Evans was Liverpool manager from 1994 to 1998.

He didn’t win lots.

But he did stabilise a wobbly Liverpool coming out of a bad set of performances.

And the once said:

You can’t win the premiership by Christmas.

But you can lose it by thinking you can.

I like this quote.

It’s a verbal kick up the arse.

It should create focus and kill complacency.


This season, Liverpool were comfortably top of the Premiership at Christmas.

And Klopp (Liverpool manager for those that don’t know) said to those that are predicting Liverpool for the 2018/2019 Premiership title:

What’s the point in winning half a race?

I’m not a Liverpool supporter.

But I do like this kind of thinking.

I suppose it manifests as a football team only being as good as their last match.

Or their next performance.

And for businesses and brands – it’s the same.

The Groove.

Staying in the groove can be relaxing.

But it can also be terminal.

Stay alert.

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