If this fucking virus.

Is going to be as bad as they say it is.

(And I think that it is).

Then this is useful.


As the virus takes hold.

You are very likely to go through these feelings (see the graph): https://www.50odd.co.uk/good-grief/.

  1. Denial. Avoidance. Confusion. Elation. Shock. Fear.
  2. Anger. Frustration. Irritation. Anxiety.
  3. Depression. Overwhelmed. Helplessness. Hostility. Flight.
  4. Bargaining. Struggling to find meaning. Reaching out to others. Telling one’s story.
  5. Acceptance. Exploring options. New plan in place. Moving on


Here’s how to ease the pain.

(A little bit).

  1. We need (to get and give) Information and Communication at the beginning. To get us through.
  2. Then we need (to get and give) Emotional Support at the low point in the middle.
  3. And as we come through, we need (to get and give) Guidance and Direction.

Good Grief.

There is no such thing as good grief.

But being prepared for the grief.

And knowing the three things that will help us and others.

At the beginning.

In the middle.

And at the end.

This will help us all.

You and Yours.

All the very best.

To you and yours.

This is going to be tricky.

(And don’t forget the get AND give bits).

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