With almost anything I do.

I think that it.

And I.

Are not good enough.


This is strange.

Because it’s rarely what I am doing that’s the problem.

The real problem.

Is what I am thinking.

And whether those thoughts are confident.

Or unconfident.


I’ve read lots about confidence.

Where it comes from.

Where it goes to.

Its illusiveness and its power.

I find the subject of confidence fascinating.

Liam Gallagher. 

I was talking to a friend about confidence recently.

And we chatted about Liam Gallagher.

The archetypal, confident, swaggering manc.

The type that really doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything.


Of course.

He does.

Commercial Success.

Liam cares a lot what people think.

So much so that he only felt that he was on his way back.

After Oasis and Beady Eye.

When his first album had commercial success.

Did Liam Not Know?

‘As You Were’ is a pretty good album.

Did Liam not know that, though?

Why did he need consumers to tell him that it was good enough?


Opinions are important.

Of course they are.

But in most cases it really does pay to care less about what others think.

Not because you are rude.

Or arrogant.

But because everything that anyone else thinks is always loaded with.




That something could be jealousy.

Their mood.

Their intellect.

Or a simple misunderstanding of what you are saying or doing.

Or why you are saying or doing it.

Good Enough. 

You decide what’s good enough.

Set your own goals.

And your own vision.

Don’t listen to them.

But do aim high, I’d suggest.

Aim to change the world.


And when people laugh at you for having the temerity to aim higher than anyone else ever.

Don’t listen to that, either.

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