The answer to everything?


So try this.

Pop to Google.

(The search engine that is used for 92.6% of the world’s Internet searches.

The search engine that makes 40,000 searches every second.

3.5 billion searches every day.

1.2 trillion searches every year.

The search engine used by millions and millions of people to help drive decision making.

And drive lives.

And drive destinies).

And ask Google to do this:

Google. Create something new for me.


Google can’t do this.

Google can’t have real, alive, unique ideas.

Yes, Google can answer most of the questions you ask it.

But newness?


Google can’t create new.

Because Google looks backwards not forwards.

Google isn’t brave.

Or adventurous.

Or creative.

Or beautiful.

Google lives in the world of the probable.

Based on existing information.

Based on what went before.



You live in the world of the possible.

Not the world of the probable.

(If you want to, that is).


So turn Google off.

You choose your next move.

You can be brave.

You can be adventurous.

You can be creative.

You can be beautiful.

And you can start today.

But not with a click of a mouse.

With a click of your fingers.

That’s all it takes.

What gift creativity is.

Go create.

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  1. David Woolf Reply

    70 odd. Odd, certainly. I have not striven to steal the future from your children, my grand-children, but my very continued existence mitigates against their success. Consider what is important. Growth is a problem (it is also a solution to some of the difficulties of profligate and dishonest politicians). Longevity is a problem, especially if we are kept going by expensive medical interventions and at a minimal standard of life. Choice is a problem – the honest truth is that we have few choices – exhaust the planet’s resources or minimise our impact. Rational thinking is important. Education is important. Decency is important. The long view, both forward and backward, is important. Good luck in swimming against the tide of facile media sewage.

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