I was chatting with Katie Elliott last week.

At one of Katie’s Little Challenges daily online meet-ups.

Booked up.

They get booked up every week.

So only 6 people per session get in.

I was lucky.


We were talking about comparing.

You know.

That thing we all know we shouldn’t do.

But do.

And David Zinger made a tiny comment about comparing.

That has really helped me.

And it might help you, too.

Go Compare.

David pointed out the difference between:

‘Comparing for Information.’


‘Comparing for Evaluation.’

And I thought,

‘That’s good.

That’s useful.’

Because I sometimes shy away from comparing.

Because I know that the ‘evaluation’ aspect can cause me bother.

But now I have had my eyes opened to the fact that comparison is sometimes used just to get information.

I feel better.

Comparison not Evaluation.

So there you go.

Go Compare.

But for information.

Not evaluation.

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