Last week, stood before 30 Financial Advisors, I explained how the way we express ourselves online – to the ‘not yets’ – is key to whether they move to ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

One chap looked particularly worried by the prospect of authentic self-expression online. He said:

“Something holds me back from writing about me. As I actually am, I mean. Authentically. I just can’t move forwards.”
I paused. Then said,
“Moving forwards is not the answer. Go backwards.”
Writing as you really are means going backwards how you really are. Dropping the pretence. Dropping the, ‘I wonder what the best version of me, for them is?’ Dropping the ‘How can I sound ‘the part?'”
Of course, considering your point and harnessing your passion are part of the solution. But moving forwards is you moving in the wrong direction.
If you want to write authentically. Uniquely. Naturally.  Go back to that stuff you blurt out to friends over coffee. Write that. Not the over-polished, sanitised crap that everybody else writes. We’ve had enough of all that.
Move backwards to who you really are. Then write.


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