In the early days of an embryonic Always Wear Red.

So around February 2015.

I watched this film a lot.

It is a docufilm called ‘Gimme Shelter’.

About The Rolling Stones.

And for some reason.

The Rolling Stones wear red scarves ever such a lot.

So I took a look.

Gimme Shelter.

‘Gimme Shelter’ was released in 1970.

The music is great.

And an enigmatic and brilliant Mick Jagger.

A man with a birthday on the same day as mine.

Takes centre stage.


I know.

Mick and I have many similarities).


This  film is amazing.

Its focus is the disastrous Altamont Free Concert that took place on December 6th 1969.

They planned for an audience of 20,000 – 30,000.

And a third of a million people turned up.

The lead singer of Jefferson Airplane was punched unconscious mid-performance.

Hells Angels paced the stage as Mick Jagger sang.

The Grateful Dead refuse to take the stage at all.


(And this was caught in the footage).

A man in the audience was shot dead.


It is a film directed by Albert and David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin.

And it an insight into another time.

In this amazing world of ours.

A brilliant 90 minutes.


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