I’m a storyteller.

I tell my own story on 50odd.co.uk.

And I have helped many businesses for many years to find and tell their story.

Turning them into brands.

Social Media.

Social Media invariably plays some part in the storytelling.

So Social Media – to someone like me – is a good thing.

It’s efficient.

But it is also important to remember what else it is.

It is the biggest conscious move, in human history, to exploit human vulnerability for no other reason than to make as much money as possible for the first movers.

This is not my opinion.

It is fact.

Because the people that are doing it look down the lens of the camera and tell us.

They actually say this.

They tells what they are doing to us.

Then, they giggle a bit.

Sean Parker

Facebook’s first President was Sean Parker.

He founded Napster before he worked with Zuckerberg at Facebook.

Here’s what Sean said, in 2017, with regards to Facebook’s early objectives:

How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible.

It is a social validation feedback loop because you are exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology.

Then, it gets a little bit worse:

We understood this.


And we did it anyway.

After saying this part, he giggled a bit.

Social Media. 

Look, I believe we are in the cusp of change with how we communicate as people.

Social Media is here now.

It’s what we do next that really matters.

How responsible we are.

How much screen time we allow our children.

And ourselves.

And, as I am increasingly thinking, whether opting out altogether is a sensible thing to do.

I believe that for some platforms.

For some businesses.

It just is.


Don’t forget the giggle.

Watch the 3 minute video yourself below.

Hear the words.

Hear the giggle.


Because it’s you he’s laughing at.




  1. Claire Jerrard Reply

    Am I the only who wants to pop this guy into The “Alcatraz of the Rockies” general population for a wee while, not sure he’d come out looking so smug !

    • I had to Google that.

      Yes; send him there.

      But we’d have to set bail at a few billion or he’d be out again.

      Hey ho.


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