It was a beautiful sunny day and there were two old men sat in deckchairs. Side-by-side.

The sun was very high and very warm. And there was no breeze at all.

“It’s lovely out,” said the first man.

“It is,” said the second. “I think I’ll get mine out as well.”

Get It Out

I met a young businessman this morning. Vincent. I first met Vincent two years ago when he wanted advice from me. Today, I wanted advice from Vincent.

This morning, I learned how he got his idea out of this head and into bottles. And how he got the bottles out of his house and into Fenwick, John Lewis and Harrods.

I learned how he got funders out of Crowdcube’s world and into his world, and how he got money out of their pockets and into his business.

Then I learned about how he got his clever strategies out of his business plan and into his day-to-day.

And finally, how he got his ambition out into the world via a real, relatable, valuable, interesting and carefully constructed brand-with-a-plan called Noveltea.

As a result, just like the second older chap in the deckchair, I have decided to get mine out as well.


Vincent gave me a real kick in the backside today. Even though he didn’t know.

I am prioritising badly in many areas currently. Meddling. Dabbling. Buggering about. I am doing what I am best at doing instead of what I should be doing.

No one is holding me to account. No one bollocks me. And that’s a bad situation to be in.

But what’s worse is that I think that I’ve engineered this situation on purpose. I’ve created this amazing clothing brand that only I lead and that looks amazing from the outside.  But it’s stalling.

It’s primed to explode. To do really well. But I am not accelerating at anywhere near the pace I should and definitely not in the way I should. So I changed my attitude – today.

I have a longer term plan to get more people, money and growth into my business through crowdfunding in 2019 by the way. This will help. I crave this kind of team structure. I’ll tell you about that journey later.

What about you?

But what about you? Are you going to get yours out as well?

Beneath today’s “Carry On Film” style delivery, there is a really serious point.

I am admitting to you that I am not getting my business out there properly – to be judged, ridiculed, laughed at or maybe even loved, appreciated and purchased from.

But I will. It starts today.

Talking about what you want to do is easy.  Getting it out is much harder.

Christ; I’ve said ‘harder’ now.  I’ll stop. But you get what I mean.

If you really, really want to… Do your thing.

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