I wear women’s clothing.

From time to time.

And whilst a cool dress has not taken my eye.


I did this week buy a size 14 woman’s sweater.

And wore it as I left the shop.

Because I liked it.


Over the last 5 years or so.

Regarding the subject of gender.

I have evolved from the man that shivered with confusion and dread.

When a friend of mine described how her late-teens son wanted to gender reassign before the age of 20.

And I have become the man that just last week.

Rang my old friend ‘Mark’.

To find out he had become ‘Mary’.

And 10 seconds after congratulating Mary and asking if she was OK.

I cracked on with the call.

Digging deep into Mary’s enduring professional expertise.

Always Wear Red.

And of course.

I run Always Wear Red.

The clothing brand that has spend months of time and thousands of pounds.

Working out the best jumper shapes for all humans.

So that everything we do is genderless.

So our clothing is shared more.

And worn more.

In summary – genderlessness is part of who I am.

And what I do.

Alok Vaid Menon.

Alok V Menon spoke for 15 minutes about a Genderless Future.

In December last year.

Two things.

  1. If you think you are an articulate, confident, brave, informed and insightful presenter. Compared to Alok, you probably aren’t. See what you can learn.
  2. Genderlessness – or maybe just living your own truth – as a way of thinking and being. Is the only way for a human to live. He has convinced me of that.

Please watch this stunning, stunning presentation (probably twice): https://www.50odd.co.uk/gender/.

It is probably the best presentation I have ever seen.


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