The Jurassic Period, which we’ve all heard of, lasted 54,100,000 years.

The Triassic Period, which I’d not heard of, occurred just before the Jurassic Period and lasted 52,000,000 years.

The Cretaceous Period (never heard of it either) occurred just after the Jurassic Period and lasted even longer. 79,000,000 years.

I don’t care too much about those periods really. I’m not a palaeontologist (yes, I’ve been at Google and have probably still got some of that wrong).

The Michael Owen Period

The Michael Owen Period is occurring right now.

It’s been happening for about 50 years and will last for around 80 years.

I do care very much about this period.

All 80 years of it. Eighty.

Not 54,000,000 (54 million) or 52,000,000 (52 million) or 79,000.000 (79 million).


If I stay healthy.

The “You Period”?

It’ll last about the same.


I just wanted to point out that when we’re walking around museums and watching Steven Spielberg films with our children – and referring to The Jurassic Period by name – what we are really talking about is this…

A period of time 145,000,000 years ago that lasted for 54,100,000 years.

But we rarely explore the idea of a “You Period“…

Now. 80 years.

God; we’re here for a short amount of time aren’t we?

Let’s be more conscious of our time here.

The “You Period“.

We talk about the Jurassic Period by name and it means nothing to us really.

But we so rarely talk about or even think about the “You Period”.

And that means everything.


It is all we have.

80 years. About 1,000 months. 30,000 days. About 720,000 hours (and we’re awake for only about 500,000 of them, sleeping for the equivalent of 220,000 days).

So there are about 11,000 days left before the Michael Owen Period is over.

For good.


I am not sure exactly what I’ll do with my 11,000 remaining days.

But these figures focus me. I hope they focus you too.

One thing’s for sure. If I want to do something – I will.

And I intend to have as much fun as possible.

Image: The absolute living legend that is Mr. Bingo.

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