If you’re a guy aged 40 or above, take a look at http://www.greyfoxblog.com.

It’s run by a chap I know called David Evans. David champions quality British makers. Here is a link to his spreadsheet. Always Wear Red are on the list.

David is great for other reasons, too.

David looks at style for the older guy. Personally, I am not a fan of fashion where it is patronising or controlling – telling me what to wear. Always Wear Red customers wear what they want to wear.

But the way David does it is to, somehow, simply present cool options. Sensibly, simply and well.

Grey Fox Blog also knows what it is for.

This may seem like a strange thing too say but what I mean is that David understands the needs he is fulfilling.

Much of the fashion industry ignores the older guy, even though he is likely to have more money, more self awareness and – because he is less inclined to be worried about what people think of him – a more adventurous approach to style too.

So there you go. Grey Fox Blog. Spread the word.

Image: David Evans, Grey Fox Blog, featuring in The Rake Issue 56 March 2018.

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