The last few days have been hard.

Taking stock of business.

And life.

I and the Always Wear Red team are working so hard. And thinking so hard. Because growing a brand from nothing, into something that stands for something, is complex.

As you may know I left the world of design, marketing and branding that I knew for 20 years to start a high-end clothing brand in February 2016. This is a world that I know pretty well now actually, but every day contains some new experience.

Magic and Money

I made money in my previous world.

I was good!

In this new world I am good too. But I am also new. So whilst the Magic is high – the Money is low.

I make Limited Edition batches. I partner with the best makers in Britain and I use the best materials in the world. So margins are tight.

But the Magic can only happen with the AWR Collection if we develop things this way.

So it’s all good really. And entirely necessary.

The Unknown

I am getting used to the dark corners. I can’t see everything in this world clearly. Because I am learning.

And there are sharp, 90 degree turns too that in an instant have me standing face-to-face with things I’ve never seen before.

Stepping into the unknown is unnerving.


Are all new things like this? I suppose they are.

I know many of the rules. I have a plan. And a framework.

But no formula. If I had waited for a formula, a formula for success, I’d never have started.

And you know what – if a formula guaranteeing success was handed to me on day one I’d probably be bored by now. Rolling out somebody else’s steps and stages is not for me. The adventure of doing things this way, for the first time, is far more interesting.

So in conclusion I am either brave, mad or a bit of both.

Time will tell.

And please – wish me luck.


  1. I will wish you luck only because you requested it… I know you will succeed not based on luck but because you have a really clear “why” that goes beyond clothing…and everything you did in your previous business was training you for this…so you are right – no written roadmap necessary

    • Thank you Suzanne. We’re trying hard! But enjoying things too here at Always Wear Red.

      There are new things arriving in the collection soon, too.

      Bye for now.


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