I am fishing.


I am fishing for feedback.


I want to know what you think about

What I write.

How I write.

What you think there could be more of.

What you think there could be less of.

And maybe even (because I am genuinely not sure) what actually is.

To you.


All of that said.

I will continue to write for me.

50odd is, and will remain, a creative outlet for me.

‘Writing Tourettes’.

If there is such a thing.

And an extension of me.

In the same way that, I suppose, the best bands write music for themselves.

Think Nirvana.

Not Milli Vanilli.

And you’ll get where I’m coming from.

Thank you.

So thank you in advance.

I am interested.

In the good.

And the bad.

Comment below.

Or please email


  1. Hey Michael, I don’t blow smoke up anyones arse, which incidentally is probably an offence in some US states, so let me be frank with you dude.

    Style of writing- I like it, its punchy and using another boxing analogy, it really hits the mark. I love teasing the anecdotes out of your creativity and do try to relate these to my own life experiences. I think your stories feed other people’s memories and are certainly relevant.

    Frequency- hey, if you want to brain dump these out of your head every day then crack on my friend. Now if I say I’ll read and comment on every one if be telling you porkies, but then I don’t think that you’ll get anyone to do that amigo. As you told me when we met and as you articulate within your content, do what pleases you- fuck anyone that doesn’t agree…again that isn’t a literal instruction as you could arrested without gaining consent in the first instance.

    Go be free Michael and give all us (approaching) 50odd people a continued source of frivolity and a dip into infidelity!

    Great reads!


  2. Hi Michael,

    I’ve just been for a run along the seafront in #Sunny #Scarborough. Behind and above our sea wall I counted 23 fishing rods in the air. I couldn’t see anything of the people who were fishing. They’ll all look very different, have a very different kit, a very different reason for spending a few hours of their life on a Sunday afternoon and for fishing in different places they have chosen in, what looks like, identical areas of the sea. I learned nothing about them all from their rods. I think it’s best if you don’t fish for feedback because I like fishing into your daily blog for something that interests me. Because you don’t know what you’re going to write from day to day so I don’t know what I’m going to find – something or nothing. That’s the beauty of reading the musings of a 50 odd-year-old creative with a sense of wonder, humour and that time is precious and life is fleeting. Most readers will not be 50 odd and some will be much older, like me, but now and again we can catch a glimpse of ourselves in your writing. That may be the magic of fishing

  3. Michelle Younger Reply

    Hi Michael
    I’ll keep this short as that is one of the things I like about your style and content. It is concise and as a result punchy.
    I love that it is the first thing I read each day and I look forward to it. I never know what I am going to get or how it will make me feel.
    Some days it inspires, and others it moves or entertains. I like that I don’t know.
    I am not 50odd but I understand – I think most people have that shift but at different points. And for very different reasons. For that reason people will take different things for each post.
    Already looking forward to what is to come tomorrow.

  4. If I miss a day, or two, or three, I always make sure I play catch up. I watched a program on TV last night where Prince William and some footballers sat down and had a decent natter. British men don’t share – and that’s a bad thing. I’ve lost brilliant friends to suicide, I’ve suffered months where Churchill’s Black Dog came and parked itself at my feet and followed me around to closely for comfort. 50odd is like having an honest talk with a mate on a daily basis.

    Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they draw a tear. Sometimes they are profound, other times they talk bollocks. There is no prescribed agenda, no preconceived idea, just honest opinion and emotion – shared. And that is a good thing.

    Don’t overthink this. Just keep doing it.

    One thing.

    I’d prefer to see.

    Less of.

    Is unecessary line spacing.

    I love.

    A good paragraph.


  5. I’m with Michelle.
    I am not 50.
    Neither am I a man.
    I follow with interest, daily.
    Picking up crumbs of enlightenment.
    It’s great!
    Thank you Michael.

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