I’m struggling with Facebook at the moment.

I just don’t see it as a good place to be at all.


Facebook’s content adds nothing to my life.

Because it’s either people moaning.

People showing off.

Or videos and images that make me feel guilty immediately after watching them.

Guilty because the shite that I just consumed.

Stole my time.

And gave me nothing.


But more than anything.

I am feeling this way because of how I observe people consuming Facebook.

It reminds me of the worst kind of gluttony.

Wide eyed, sticky palmed, messy chinned gluttony.

Like shovelling mountains of beige, luke-warm food into wet, noisy mouths.

Video after video after image after meme after video.

It’s ugly.

And valueless.

It feels like nutrition.

But it’s not nutrition.

Most Facebook content is the intellectual equivalent of Turkey Twizzlers.


So to save people from the dross.

And association with the dross.

I am going to change the strategy that exists inside the three brands that I own.

And those that I advise, too.

And whilst the approach I am about describe will not be exactly the same for all businesses that I influence.

There will be echoes.


From now on.

I see Facebook as a place to go fishing.

I will tell lovely stories elsewhere on the Internet.

I will create great content elsewhere on the Internet.

But I won’t put this content on Facebook.

It’s too noisy there.

Instead, I will place links on Facebook from time to time.

Bait, if you like.

I’ll go fishing on Facebook.

To draw people away from the dross.

To better places.

Calmer places.

Place with less distraction.

And more quality.


I’m struggling with Facebook at the moment.

I just don’t see it as a good place to be at all.

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  1. Tim Bowman Reply

    I agree with all of this – at last someone said what we are all thinking (for me as a son to be 55 year old)
    With so much of people’s lives posted on FB, asking “how have you been?” is a redundant question as everything they have done has been posted on FB in minute detail

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